How to Schedule Social Media Content in Advance

When it comes to creating content, writing instagram posts, making stories, writing tweets, drafting tiktoks, etc.... There is a need to CONSTANTLY be thinking of social media, about creating, and about maintaining your online presence.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could spend an hour on social media a week and get on with other tasks... well now you can!

Today I will be reviewing three of my favorite social media scheduling softwares and how I use them for planning and executing content across several platforms.


When it comes to all three platforms that I am going to discuss today, it is ESSENTIAL that you connect your account(s) so that your posts can schedule as you desire. Now Let's get into it!


I have been using Hootsuite since 2018. I consider this to be the most reliable scheduling software that I have used. Click 'create post' and when you do so, the screen below will pop up.

Once you see this screen, you will select (one or multiple) accounts that you would like to schedule content for. I use this for Facebook and Instagram content, but do NOT use it for Instagram stories, as I prefer to post those in real time, throughout my day.

After selecting where you would like to publish to, you can upload files/ photos/videos and add a caption in the 'content' section. All of the steps mentioned are accessible on the left side of the above image.

When you are ready to schedule, take your gaze to the bottom right of the screen. Here, you can select 'Schedule for Later' and choose a date and time for content to go live.

My favorite part about Hootsuite is that it really works. It is easy to learn, easy to use, and an all around reliable source for content scheduling. With both paid and unpaid versions, there are a lot of options for everyone based on the size of their company/ enterprise!


Buffer has the capability to host multiple accounts, but the free features do not stretch as far as I personally would like them too. Feel free to engage in a free trial, but if you intend to use Buffer for a later amount of content scheduling, it may be the wrong app for you.

10 Scheduled Posts and 3 Social Channels is not a bad set up by any means, but if you intend to schedule for more than two accounts, you may want to find an app that has the capacity to handle larger quantities of content scheduling.


Here's the deal, I REALLY like Later, I like their tiktok, I like how their app functions, and I think that the overall features are GREAT. The price is fairly reasonable at $15 per account, and it is simple to use across multiple accounts.

Where I have an issue with this website is that it can be glitchy. When I schedule content to Instagram, it struggles to have more than one image. Sometimes it will even insist that you draft the content but DO NOT PUBLISH until it is time. So at the end of the day, you are still the one clicking the button.

In Conclusion, each of these resources are great but it truly comes down to HOW you run your business. And HOW MUCH content you need to deal with.

Try them out, they each have free trials! Cheers to my first blog post in YEARS, let's do another one sometime!

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